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My Faith (Jubilee) Presbyterian
Loves ice-creams & chocolates & exercise!

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I've forgotten that laughing with a friend can make you feel less alone in this vast world, and that trite poems can renew you in a vulnerable moment.

Saturday, August 10, 2013!
Kum rant on; 2:57 PM

Just returned home from two days of chalet at aloha loyang, and am very thankful for this long holiday  (hari raya + national day. Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!).
Both the adults and children did running, cycling, swimming together :) and words cant express how much i have enjoyed having family time! Praise the Lord :)

There's another thing that has been on my mind too, and i finally made a decision today.
Just two weeks ago I joined an online dating app Okcupid, just to see how it goes about since my sis got engaged and i feel a surge in wanting to find a partner too :P there were some good and bad experiences, and i have made some friends whom i enjoyed chatting with. Through some brief conversation, i get a clearer picture the qualities i want to find in a partner, but as time goes by, a thought keep coming back " is this the right time?" I am going into my final year of studies" and this app is actually quite time consuming.
so i disabled the app today. wohoots! and leave it to God to lead me to my Mr Right.

God bless :)

Sunday, May 05, 2013!
Kum rant on; 4:42 PM

Since the beginning of this new year 2013, i'd been wanting to go at a slower pace in life.
To have more time to do projects, so I will not need to burn midnight oil for each assignment.
To have more time to study, and have confidence in doing the exam papers. 
To have more time to do some readings, in particular to God's word.
To have more time to rest ( im getting BIG eye bags that is reaching my cheekbones).
To have more personal time, to do reflection. 
To have more time to catch up with friends
To have more time to do things I like, such as exercising :)

The urge got stronger when I felt sick for two months straight in Feb - Mar'13, and did not managed to recover from my chronic cough despite going visiting several drs and TCM. Through God's blessing, I manage to get back at least 80% of my health during the mission trip. Not sure if it was the power of holy communion which I have been reading about, or that I manage to rest well during the trip. But coming back to Singapore, I am more certain that I need to give some things up in exchange of a better quality life. And I asked to be converted to part-time from my full-time work, doing a four-day work week instead of  five. My request finally got approved, and this arrangement will stay beginning of this month. My mother and sister are apprehensive that I will waste the day off catching up on dramas or sleeping off. Let's see how it goes. But I feel more spiritually energized already!

At least for Paul Scanlon 's Top 10 tips for a Great 2013, I am achieving pt 9, Be kinder to myself:)

For 1 corinthians 6:19. says "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;


Sunday, January 27, 2013!
Kum rant on; 11:29 PM

wanted to share a note that i found while spring cleaning the box i keep behind the door, but i cant seems to find the paper now.

So I'll just share this post for day, gotten from a facebook post :)

Thoughts for today:

your personality and character will be reflected when people makes a choice to choose a partner and you are the ones left behind. I wish I can tone down my loud personality and learn how to be lovable.

Sunday, January 20, 2013!
Kum rant on; 5:23 PM

Im turning 24. People whom I thought I could pair up with are getting girlfriends or liking someone else. I only can feel romance through reading books or watching on dramas. Longed to have someone to talk to at night, hug me, encourage me when I am feeling tired at work and grow with me spiritually. I can only console myself by saying that time is not ripe, i still have to hone my personality and appearance, be a more God loving person and love other people back, before i deserved the love i longed for ;____;